A Mediator
With Subject Matter Expertise
In Employment Law

More than 30 years of legal experience, a working knowledge of all areas of employment law, experience in litigating, arbitrating and mediating employment law claims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Mediation training by the American Arbitration Association, patience, the ability to work with all kinds of employees and employers and dedication to the task, that’s what I bring to the table as an Employment Law Mediator.

I am a great believer that Mediation is an effective way for employees and employers to resolve employment law disputes. Mediation allows the Parties themselves to retain decision making authority, rather than relying on a Judge, Jury or Arbitrator to resolve a dispute. 

Each Mediator has their own style and approach to the Employment Law Mediation process. When I am chosen as a Mediator, you receive the Abramson Employment Law Mediation Pledge:

A Fixed Cost

You will receive an upfront fixed flat fee for the entire Mediation process. You will not be charged by the hour.

Subject Area Expertise

A Mediator will not make decisions for the Parties. The role of a Mediator is to assist the Parties in a critical discussion of the facts and issues that needs to take place for each Party to explore possible terms of a resolution. In order to accomplish this objective, subject area experience and expertise matters. For a Mediation to be effective, understanding the substantive law that pertains to the dispute matters. While no dispute is the same, it is important for a Mediator to have a background in handling similar types of matters prior to a Mediation. When I am engaged as a Mediator, we will do far more than simply take numbers back and forth. I have decades of experience in employment law and have litigated and consulted with clients in virtually every subject area /type of case that an experienced employment law attorney may confront.

We Take the Necessary Time

We will set aside an entire day for the Mediation. There will be no time limitations as we will take whatever time is necessary to conduct an effective Mediation.

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